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The Pitch

(The Pitch will be open from 15 July until 31 August 2019) 


This is a new innovative pre-submission option for aspiring unpublished authors. You have the opportunity to email Mayfair Literary Agency with your pitch at any stage during writing your manuscript. How great is that! 

If we like your idea, we may offer you the opportunity to submit the first ten pages and a one page synopsis of your manuscript when it’s ready. If we like that, then we may ask to read your whole manuscript when it's finished.

This innovative process benefits both you and Mayfair. You may get early feedback, which means no worrying about whether or not an agent will actually like your idea. Mayfair Literary Agency gets to know you and help shape your work at the outset, which means less time wasted for both you and us: win – win.

There is no cost associated with this process. Like all reputable literary agencies, we are commission-based only - 15%.

We only represent Australian authors.


Please include the word ‘Pitch’ in the email header plus the title of the manuscript. Then include the following in the body of the email:

Genre: (state here the type of book. e.g. Picture Book - humour. drama etc)

Target age: (e.g. 0 – 4)

Word count: (e.g. 400 (estimate if not finished))

POV: (e.g. first person, third person etc.)

Tense: (e.g. past, present etc.)

Publisher interactions: (please state if this manuscript has already been sent to any publishers already (including manuscript assessments))

Up to 300 word pitch: (think of your pitch like you're writing the back of your book jacket, but with more detail. If you need any help with this, we’d recommend the resource page on the Pitch Wars website:

*If it is a picture book you can include the whole text as well.

Bio: (just a few sentences about you (3 lines max). You can include any of the following: hobbies, interests, writing achievements, jobs, pets, family, favourite foods. Mention which state or territory you are from in Australia.)

Stage of work: (e.g. First draft. Manuscript not finished.)

Comparative titles: (state which two titles you think are similar to your story. Basically, we are just fishing for whether you read current children’s books)

Please also mention any other relevant information. e.g. if you are a member of any professional writing organisations, such as SCBWI, if you attend writing conferences, if you are in a critique group, if you have won any awards, if you know the agent, etc.

Please be polite and professional. 

***If you have any social media links and a website, please attach at the bottom of your email. 

Multiple submissions are okay if you're upfront about it. Of course, our preference is for you to submit to us on an exclusive basis.

Note: we will only respond if your pitch adheres to our pitch guidelines. We aim to respond within two months. Mayfair Literary Agency is extremely selective about who we represent. We’re only taking on a small number of authors so we can give each client time and attention.

Thanks for thinking of Mayfair Literary Agency for your work – all the best!

Please send your pitch to: [email protected]